Spotlight [Verb] : To Direct Attention To (A Problem Or Situation).

The aim of Spotlight YOPD is two-fold:

• To raises awareness of Parkinson’s as a condition that affects the young (under 50s) as well as the elderly – in a bid to get better treatment (whatever your postcode).

• To give the newly diagnosed the strength and support to stand up, be counted and help themselves – by working with their neurologist, PD nurse and GP.

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Sadly, you’re not too young. It’s usually not hereditary. There’s no evidence to suggest it’s caused by a blow to the head.


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Spotlight YOPD is a new charity founded for no better reason than Young Onset Parkinson’s had somehow slipped through the net, certainly in the UK – with a media and public perception that it was predominantly an old man’s disease.

We hope to give those with YOPD the information, support and confidence to get the help they need for their own (very individual) life with PD. Our aim is to be an umbrella site for all things PD – and to work alongside and complement the other Parkie presence out there – from bloggers, to networks, to the big boy charities.

Because many are chasing the same pool of money, charities can traditionally be a bit insular. They have overheads, wages to pay and a head office to maintain. We are just a website with a few quirky ideas to get the cause noticed. NB. We said the cause – awareness and better treatment for those with YOPD. Publicity for the charity or the brand ‘Spotlight YOPD’ are just incidental – the far bigger picture is Young Onset PD.